Water Heater Timer Nairobi

Water Heater Timer Nairobi We are specialists in installing water heater timers in Nairobi. Call us today for supply and installation costs. There is no better way of reducing electricity bill for your water heater than this.

A geyser timer is a simple device does exactly what it says. It controls the time that your geyser comes on and switches off. With the geyser permanently on, everytime the water temperature in the geyser falls below the set temp. It will switch on to return the temperature back to where it needs to be.

This can account for unnecessary consumption. The compact geyser timer is designed to work to reduce the on time of the geyser through the day and only have it come on when required.Water Heater Timer Nairobi

So , first thing in the morning if hot water is required and then at night for showers and baths. Once everyone is done, the timer can be set to switch the geyser off and only back on again the next morning, so it doesn’t run all night.

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The geyser accounts for around 60% of your electricity bill. Every time the temperature drops 2 to 3 degrees, the thermostat switches the element back on and heats the water back up to 65 – 70 degrees. Your geyser switches on and off 24 to 30 times a day. Every time your geyser switches on, it uses the equivalent power of 50 light bulbs.

The average family uses less than four hours of hot water per day and is paying for 600 hours of hot water per month that they will never use. As you can see from the above statement, the geyser is a large consumer of electricity. Having a geyser timer will drastically reduce the number of times your geyser switches on and off in a day and thereby save you money every month. As it is easy to install and set up, the geyser timer provides another link in the chain to effective energy management and therefore cost reduction. Once set up and the on/off cycle is established, you can leave it to do its work.Water Heater Timer Nairobi

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