Wash Basins Installation

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Wash Basins Installation .There are various types of basins ranging in size and function from hand rinsing to surgical use. A standard basin for domestic applications for bathrooms and cloakrooms consists of : a bawl soap tray, weir overflow and holes for taps and outlets. It may be supported by cast iron brackets screwed to the wall.A carbel which is an integral part of the basin built into the wall or a floor pedestal. Which conceals the pipework for water supply through 13mm pillar taps for both hot and cold water. A standard nominal diameter waste outlet with a slot to receive the integral overflow . It connects to a strap and waste pipe of the same diameter. A plug and chain normally controls outflow but some fittings have a popup waste facility.

Most basins are made from colored ceramics ware or glazed fireclay. There are also metal basins produced from stainless steel, porcelain, enameled sheet steel or cast iron. Wash Basins Installation

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