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Instant Shower Water Heaters Nairobi Kenya

Instant Shower Water Heaters Nairobi Kenya For affordable electric shower supply and installation in Nairobi, call Orchid Plumbing Company to schedule a free estimate. We will assign professional plumbers to fix your shower within one day. All our services are guaranteed for 6 month from the date of installation.

Over the last couple of decades showers have become an increasingly popular addition to homes in Nairobi and are an essential fixture in any modern bathroom. Showers are often taken rather than running a bath as it is both quicker and more environmentally friendly. When choosing the type of shower to install in your bathroom you must consider the hot water system used in your house. Be it mixer or electric showers that take your fancy, it’s necessary to answer one important question before buying: ‘do you want to use your household hot water system or not’? If the answer is ‘yes’, then using a mixer shower is the way forward, if not, then an electric shower is the answer.

Electric showers

Therefore ,are often referred to as instantaneous showers – this is due to their ability to heat water instantly which gives them a greater advantage over other types of showers. They operate independently of the central heating system in the house and therefore can be fitted in any home regardless of the type of heating system. Another great benefit is that they can be used when the heating is off or out of order. It’s a great backup plan which offers maximum convenience.

multi-fit electric showers

Additionally, multi-fit electric showers can be an ideal option if your existing shower needs replacing and you are looking for a replacement to suit your needs. Multi-fit showers are designed specifically as replacement showers and feature large covers so that all holes from previous installations are concealed where possible. They also have multiple cable and water entry options suitable for new or existing connections.

When looking to buy an electric shower you will see that they are available with different kilowatt ratings. It’s important to note that the higher the rating, the greater the volume of water it’s able to heat and therefore will provide a better rate of flow. Over the years, the ratings have gradually increased from 6 to 10.5 kilowatts, giving a significantly better showering experience than was available previously.Instant Shower Water Heaters Nairobi

Instant  Water Heaters

Electric showers have many features designed to give a safe and enjoyable shower; these include phased shutdown, over temperature protection, spray control and many others. When a shower is turned off the heating elements inside the chamber can still be very hot and the water can heat up very quickly. This is why phased shutdown is such an important safety feature to have built into a shower as it prevents the next user from a burst of scalding hot water. Over temperature protection is another essential safety feature which prevents users from selecting an unsafe temperature. Some electric showers also feature technology to optimize the flow of water from the shower. Gainsborough electric showers feature spray control and patented active nozzles in the shower head which automatically adjust to ensure an even spray pattern.Instant Shower Water Heaters Nairobi Kenya

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