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                                 Advantages of installing a silent pressure booster pump.

Water pumps suppliers kenya A silent water booster pump is essentially designed to reduce the noise level of your pump and provide for a silent operation. A water booster pump increases the volume and pressure of water coming out of the taps in your home and garden, making daily tasks like washing dishes, showering and brushing your teeth a lot easier. The noise level of silent water pumps typically stays below 50dB (decibel). However, some ultra quiet water pumps can even reach below 23dB. Pump noise is not only caused by the work of the motor, but also due to the noise created by the water flow friction between the water and the pipe wall. The sound pressure level of a fridge is typically between 35dB and 47dB.

A water booster pump can be connected to the mains (municipal water) or to a tank that is placed next to your house. Having a booster pump is particularly advisable if the water pressure from your mains is unstable or if your water supply struggles to reach the taps of the upper level of your home. Water pumps in Nairobi  Kenya can be used for a variety of applications, including: aquariums, medical, fountains, ponds as well as home, kitchen appliances, showers, bathroom appliances and water circulation.

What are the differences between a silent water pump and a regular booster pump?

Whatever the water source is, when the water is sucked into the pump, circulated and pushed out, it runs through the pump system and cools the pump down at the same time as delivering the water.
Most silent water pumps are water-cooled, as opposed to regular pump that are air cooled. They also tend to feature noise-absorbing hulls and small pressure tanks to avoid running too often.
Submersible water pumps are fully submerged inside your water tank, hence providing a completely silent operation.
Automatic booster pumps with multi-stage impellers provide a smooth and quiet operation and allow the booster pump to not work too intensely on longer piping systems or rising elevations.
A booster pump with variable speed drive regulates the power of the pump and the water flow. The variable speed drive enables a quiet start and stop which reduces the violent rotational force, thus saving energy and extending the life of the motor. It provides a very steady flow of water from each open tap, no matter how many taps are simultaneously open.

Where do you install a Silent Water Booster Pump?

A silent water booster pump would need to be installed as close as possible to your water supply (whether it is municipal or a tank) and to the mains supply of your house.

What are the benefits of using a Silent Water Booster Pump?

* Light, compact, powerful and easy to use
* Easy to install and maintenance-free
* The noise level is extremely low in comparison to a regular pump (the same volume as a fridge)
* Will not disturb neighbours or anyone inside the house when you open up a tap or flush a toilet, even at night.

* What are the disadvantages of a Silent Water Booster Pump?

* Silent water booster pumps are slightly more expensive than regular booster pumps
* Recommended Silent Water Booster Pumps
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