Shower Installation and Repair

A shower is more economic to use than a bath as it takes less hot water. It is arguably more hygienic and it takes up less space. The mixing valve should be thermostatic to avoid the risk of scalding. A minimum 1m head of water should be allowed above the shower outlet. If this is impractical, a pumped delivery could be considered.

Shower repair
Ceiling Shower

There are many different types of showers in the market today ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. If you want to replace or install a shower of your choice, take your phone and call us, we will assist you in selecting your desired choice to supplying and installation or repair the system in case of any fault or leakage.

The shower outlet ‘rose’ should also be at least 2m above the floor of the shower tray. Supply pipes to individual showers are normally 15mm copper or equivalent. This should incorporate double check valves if there is a flexible hose to the rose as this could be left in dirty tray water which could back-siphon. An exception to check valve is where the shower head is fixed and therefore well above the air gap requirement and spill over level of the tray

Pumped Showers; Where the 1m minimum head of water above the shower outlet is not available and it is impractical to raise the level of the supply cistern, a pump can be fitted to the mixer outlet pipe or on the supply pipes to the mixer. The pump is relatively compact and small enough to be installed on the floor, an airing cupboard or under the bath. It must be accessible for maintenance as the pump should be installed with filters or strainers which will require periodic attention, particularly in hard water areas. The pump will operate automatically in response to the shower mixer being opened. A pressure sensor and flow switch detects water movement to activate the pump and vice versa. Electricity supply can be from an isolating switch or pull cord switch with a 3 amp fuse overload protection spurred over the power socket ring main

Mains Fed –Electrical shower: Instantaneous, electrical water heating for shower is an economic simple to install alternative to a pumped shower. This particularly apparent where there would otherwise along secondary flow pipes from the hot water storage cylinder to the shower outlet, possibly requiring additional secondary return pipe work to avoid a long dead leg.  Cold water supply is taken from the rising main in 15mm old copper tube. This will provide a regulated delivery through the shower unit of up to 3 litres/min


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