Shower Bathtubs and Jacuzzi Installation in Nairobi Kenya

Shower Bathtubs and Jacuzzi Installation in Nairobi Kenya. Are you looking for quality bathtubs and Jacuzzi in Nairobi Kenya call orchid we supply and install Jacuzzi and  bathtubs in Kenya Both are manufactured in acrylic sheet reinforced glass fibre, enameled pressed steel or enameled cast iron. Hence acrylic sheet bath has the advantage of light weight to ease installation. It is comparatively inexpensive and is available in a wide range of colors.. However, special cleaning agents must be use otherwise the surface can become scratched. It will require a timber support framework normally laid across metal cradles. In addition cast iron bathtubs are produced with ornament feed and other features less elaborate. Standard bathtubs in all materials can be paneled in a variety of materials including plastic veneered chipboard and plywood.

In the case of a corner bath is something of a luxury; it may have taps located to one side to ease accessibility. A sitz bath has particular application to nursing homes and hospitals for use with the elderly and infants.Shower Bathtubs and Jacuzzi Installation in Nairobi Kenya

Factors to consider when choosing a bathtub

1.In deed the size of your bathroom

2.Again the plumbing setup of your bathroom.

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