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Orchid Plumbing Company has been servicing Nairobi homes for over 15 years. We arrive on time, and are always thorough with our work. We stand behind our residential plumbing services. Residential plumbing problems are often times tricky to trouble shoot and should be handled by our master licensed plumbing team. Don’t try to fix it yourself and create a larger plumbing problem… call us today! or Schedule a service request
Living IN Style with the sophisticated urbanite, Creativity, sophistication and aesthetic refinements aren’t mare words, they are highly prized yet elusive traits in the world of interior design and decoration. But beauty without practicality is pointless, especially in an urban environment where living space is a precious commodity. Any space-saving fixture or appliance would be a welcome asset for sure. It should therefore come as no surprise if you don’t find yourself desiring the new s- series of water heaters from Alpha.

  • S100 Series

The Alpha S100 series is equally comfortable in your home, dressing up your bathroom with an understated yet distinctive sense of style. And the ultra –slender profile is a perfect complement for any space constrained interior

  • S200 Series (With Booster Pump)

If the water pressure in your area is weak, or its low lying location where the pressure is lower than normal, a built in booster pump in the heater’s system will automatically boost the flow rate. Giving you a powerful, uninterrupted stream of refreshing water

  • S300 Series (With Silent Jet)

Alpha silent Jet is a shower that is powerful as any other, but it is silent like no other. This allows you to really indulge in shower time with even more peace and quiet. The highly efficient DC brushless pump leaves no carbon dust deposits, so it’s cleaner. What’s more, it is maintenance free, has a longer lifespan.

  • Pump Activator (S200 and S300 Series Only)

There are some situations or location where the water flow is insufficient to even activate the shower. But with an Alpha , you’ll never have to worry about this. The special pump activator will boost up the water flow to activate the flow switch. So with a press of a button, you’ll be able to enjoy what your neighbors won’t –  a nice, hot, invigorating shower

  • Rain Shower (Optional Feature)

From a simple hand shower to a luxurious shower, Alpha has everything you could wish for in a shower rediscover a new source of relaxation with worm and invigorating massage shower experience from Alpha’s all new rain shower
Advanced safety innovations
Alpha has worked tirelessly to ensure your safety in all its products. We have created products that are as reliable as they are pleasurable to use.

  • Line fault detector (Optional) – A red warning light alerts you if there is an improper electrical connection, which ensures your safety at all times
  • Earth leakage sensing device(ELSD) – Cuts off the power supply if there is a risk of current leakage
  • Protection against water IP25 – protection against water entering into the heater, stringent tests conducted according to international standard (Ben605294:1992)
  • Thermal cutout – Prevents the water from being overheated by cutting off the power supply to the heater at controlled points.
  • Flow switch system – The heater only operates when there is sufficient water flow
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