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Biodigester Septic Tank in Nairobi Kenya

A biodigester septic tank, also known simply as a biodigester or bioseptic tank, is a type of on-site sewage treatment system that uses anaerobic digestion to break down organic waste. Unlike traditional septic tanks that rely on bacterial action alone, biodigesters incorporate the use of specially designed microorganisms to enhance the decomposition process. Here’s an overview of how biodigester septic tanks work:

  1. Anaerobic Digestion: The biodigester operates in an oxygen-free (anaerobic) environment. This is in contrast to aerobic systems, where oxygen is used to break down waste. Anaerobic digestion involves the decomposition of organic matter by microorganisms in the absence of oxygen.
  2. Microbial Action: Biodigesters contain a mix of bacteria and other microorganisms that accelerate the breakdown of organic waste. These microorganisms facilitate the conversion of organic material into gases (such as methane and carbon dioxide) and liquid effluent.
  3. Methane Production: One of the byproducts of anaerobic digestion is methane gas. In some biodigester systems, this gas can be captured and used as a renewable energy source for heating or cooking.
  4. Liquid Effluent Treatment: The remaining liquid effluent from the biodigester undergoes further treatment to remove pathogens and pollutants. This treated effluent can be discharged into the soil through absorption trenches or used for irrigation, depending on local regulations.

Advantages of Biodigester Septic Tanks:

  1. Reduced Environmental Impact: Biodigesters often produce effluent with lower pathogen levels and reduced environmental impact compared to traditional septic tanks.
  2. Smaller Footprint: Biodigesters may require less space than conventional septic systems, making them suitable for areas with limited space.
  3. Methane Recovery: Some biodigester systems allow for the capture and utilization of methane gas, providing an additional renewable energy source.
  4. Odor Reduction: Since biodigesters operate in an enclosed system, they tend to produce fewer odors compared to traditional septic tanks.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of a biodigester system depends on proper design, installation, and maintenance. Local regulations and guidelines should be followed to ensure compliance with environmental standards and public health requirements. Additionally, the suitability of biodigesters may vary based on factors such as soil type, climate, and local regulations.


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