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Plumbers in Utawala Nairobi

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  • We continue to serve the residents of Utawala in Nairobi while providing quality plumbing services.
  • We are very friendly and when you call us, we will handle all your plumbing services.
  • orchid plumbing company we are fast in emergency plumbing response We always do our
  • best so our customers are 100% satisfied with the plumbing services.
  • Our Plumbing Services.
  • Media Instant Showers installation

  • cold and hot water piping
  • solar water heater installation
  • residential plumbing
  • water heater cylinders
  • plumbing supplies
  • bathroom repairs and renovations
  • sewer and drainage cleaning
  • shower installations
  • kitchen designs and installation
  • exhauster services.
  • About Utawala Nairobi
  • Utawala estate is a town situated in the east of nairobi.Well known for its highly growing apartments
  • its also known for shopping malls and real estates.its located 21km away from nairobi
  • For quality and affordable plumbing services in Utawala and other estates in nairobi,
  • contact orchid plumbing company to shedule a free inspection.
  • We are reliable,skilled and affordable.



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