• Multi-point instant heaters in Nairobi

MULTI-POINT INSTANT HEATERS-NAIROBI. At Orchid plumbing company we supply and install water heaters in Nairobi since now are a common ho  usehold item in the majority of the household. Most households in Nairobi would have either a storage water heater or Instant water heater installed.

If you are deciding to install a water heater, you might have some questions in your mind, such as installing a storage water heater or instant water heater, and what are the best-selling water heater brands in Kenya. You might also wish to consider which kinds of water heater features are more suitable for your needs.

If you are thinking to have a water heater installed, rest assure to engage Orchid Plumbing Company as we have an experienced team of professionals that have completed thousands of water heater installations in Nairobi. WhatsApp us now at +254 720 379100 to schedule an appointment.MULTI-POINT INSTANT HEATERS-NAIROBI

How efficient are these multipoint heaters?

The answer to this really depends on the age of the unit and the power source. You will find both electric and gas operating heaters, and as you will find with boilers, electric heaters are 100% efficient, whilst gas heaters will vary from 60% all the way up to 90% or so. Once again, the price of the fuel will mean that gas water heaters are cheaper to run, despite the lower efficiency rating.

What are the advantages of multipoint heaters.

  • Although the cost of the boiler itself is very similar, the cost of installing central heating is very high, and it will be much cheaper just to run pipes to the taps that might need hot water than to plumb in radiators as well.
  • You may wish to install a water heater in a part of the home that does not need central heating, but does need hot water. This could be an annex or workshop for example.
  • If you are off gas grid, a multi point heater combined with a dry central heating system is going to be much more cost effective than an electric boiler and a wet central heating system.

Price Of Multi-point instant Heaters In Nairobi.

A gas multipoint heater will cost about KSH45,000 – KSH90,00 for the unit. The cost of installation will vary greatly depending on the location and complexity

of the job, but the total cost is going to be a bit less than an equivalent boiler install.

At Orchid plumbing company we supply and install multi-point heaters in Nairobi and other counties in kenya. Simply give us a call and book in your quote. One of our fully qualified heating engineers will come and visit you within a few days MULTI-POINT INSTANT HEATERS-NAIROBI


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