Electric Instant Water Heater Installation Nairobi

Electric Instant Water Heater Installation Nairobi. For quality alpha instant heaters and other Electric Instant Water Heaters—contact orchid plumbing company. We supply and install all types of electric instant heaters also called instantaneous, continuous flow, inline, flash, on-demand, Tank-less water heaters or instant-on water heaters—are gaining in popularity. These high-power water heaters instantly heat water as it flows through the device, and do not retain any water internally except for what is in the heat exchanger coil. Copper heat exchangers are preferred in these units because of their high thermal conductivity and ease of fabrication.

Electric Instant Water Heaters

May be installed throughout a household at more than one point-of-use, far from a central water heater, or larger centralized models may still be used to provide all the hot water requirements for an entire house. The main advantages of electric instant water heaters are a plentiful continuous flow of hot water (as compared to a limited flow of continuously heated hot water from conventional tank water heaters), and potential energy savings under some conditions.

Orchid Plumbing Company supplies and installs electrical instant water heaters at very affordable costs and within one day. Some of the electrical instant water heaters we supply and install in Nairobi are:



Presenting the next generation of shower heater with a built-in intelligent feature…the Alpha SMART series. SMART is the first ever Instant Shower Heater with an on board microchip that incorporates an advance program to monitor the safety status and performance level even before the system is activated, as well as during usage. The intelligent Auto Test safety feature provides all-round protection and peace-of mind every time you step into the shower.






Models Available:-

Generation M777/E                  Non Pump Model

Generation M777P/EP             Pump Model

Generation M888/E                  Non Pump Model

Generation M888P/EP             Pump Model

Generation M988                      Basicmultipoint instant heater for salon

Generation M988E                   With ELCB

Generation M999                      Basic

Generation Multi Point Series

Centon Multi-Point Electric Instant Water Heaters are capable of heating the same quantity of water to higher temperature servicing multiple outlets at one time due to its innovative constructions with higher power element(s) and built-in booster pump.

The electronic control system is also able to maintain the water temperature at time of use to be constant and stable.


Electric water heaters fails Very often, the cause is a tripped high-temperature cutoff, which can be easily corrected by pressing the reset button. If that doesn’t get it working, it could be a faulty heating element. In which case, the element will need to be replaced.

The Right Size of a Water Heater for your Home ?
There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration which include how many people there are in your household, the number of bathtubs and/or showers, whether you have a dishwasher, washing machine or whirlpool bathtub and the type of water heater (natural gas or an electric unit). Usually, a 40 gallon gas water heater is sufficient for the needs of a family of 4. You should consider a 50-60 gallon model if the water heater is electric. Nairobi Plumbing Company offers free consultations to assist you in making sure you select the type and size water heater to meet your needs.

For quality and affordable plumbing services in Nairobi and other counties in Kenya, Contact Orchid Plumbing Company to schedule a free plumbing inspection on any of your plumbing equipment. We will advise you in all aspects – from repairs to installation. Your plumbing work will stay durable if the right materials and workmanship is applied appropriately

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