Cost of Waste Water treatment In Nairobi Kenya

Cost of Waste Water treatment In Nairobi Kenya

Cost of waste water treatment in Nairobi Kenya varies.  Orchid uses  Membrane Bioreactor System (Sewage treatment systems

Our MBR system is an advanced water treatment system that is low-cost and saves space. Overview 
Clearly MBR system is a new type of biological waste water treatment system. Combining activated sludge  treatment and submerged membranes makes highly concentrated activated sludge treatment  possible.  System features easy maintenance, conserves space and low cost, and is  appropriate for small-scale sewage treatment for the objective of securing quality water through  advanced treatment. 

Waste Management
Waste Management


  1. Easy maintenance 

o Flat membrane structure is simple and it is hard to adhere of contaminants. o Sedimentation process is not required, so maintenance is easy, and the system  can be monitored remotely. 
o Then have modularized an element with a large membrane, so inspection and  management are easy. 

  1. Save space 

o Even so membrane separates solids and liquids, so sedimentation tank can be  omitted. 
o Treatment time is short, and the plant can be made compact. 
o Excess sludge is highly concentrated and can be directly dewatered, so thickener  can be omitted. 

  1. Low-cost 

o Hence ,system has a simple and compact structure. So the initial cost is low. o Generating extra sludge is not much. Disposal cost can be saved. 

  1. High-quality treated water 

o Advanced treatment that removes phosphorus and nitrogen can be removed 6  hours of treatment time. 
o Combining Micro-filtration membranes and highly concentrated activated sludge  makes it possible to remove E. coli and viruses. 
o Therefore, Water can be re-used for things such as irrigation landscaping water and  utility. 

  1. Highly reliable 

o The membrane elements are molded using advanced resin processing  technology. 

  1. Save energy  

o Installing membrane modules in multiple stages makes it possible to effectively  utilize the air necessary for washing the membrane surface, which contributes to  space saving.

System & device summary 

We install multiple membrane elements in an integrated membrane module in 2 to 3 stages in  an aerobic tank. 
The waste wear is separated using suction filtration, and the filtered water becomes treated  water as-is. Also, conducting uniform air washing from the bottom of the membrane module  prevents excess sludge from attaching to the membrane surface, which means less fouling and  more stable treatment.  

Advantages of MBR 
1) High efficiency in wastewater treatment

2) Excellent chemical stability

3) High intensity for backwash

4) Excellent anti-pollution 

5) Stable effluent water quality

6) Simple replacement and chemical cleaning

7) Possibility of direct water reuse 

Applicable to sludge in various fields 
1) Municipal water and sewage treatment plants

2) Agricultural/fishery community sewage treatment plants 

3) Industrial sewage treatment plants

4) Food/beverage production plants

5) Dairy farming/Meat processing plants 

6) PFE membrane filter sewage wastewater treatment plants 

7) Machinery manufacturing/Metal processing plants 

8) Laundry sewage treatment plants 

9) Other sewage treatment plants (paper manufacturing, building material manufacturing, oilfield associated water accompanied with crude oil mining, etc. )

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