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 Are you looking for Biogas installation services in Kenya? Would you like to save thousands of shillings every year on lighting, preparing food and water for your family, heating water and cooking?

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Kenya has started looking to alternative sources of energy since the recent implementation of the feed in tariff policy which means that the government is to pay you for the energy you produce. This has given investors the ability to setup equipment to produce biogas which given that it is like a specialized form of natural gas can be used directly in a generator or can be compressed and stored for future use. Biogas tentatively produced using a specific kind of bacteria that consume human and animal waste as food (can otherwise make up around 30 percent of solid municipal waste) producing both heat and methane as byproducts.

How much does it cost to install biogas to your household or business?

Biogas installation cost in Kenya is the first thing that you need to take into consideration. Biogas plants are very good at treating and disposing wastes, mainly those from livestock. The waste materials from the animals such as urine, dung and left over food waste are put into a digester.

The cost is between 50,000 and  200,000 depending on whether the digester is constructed from scratch or recycled materials respectively. The following are factors that will increase the installation cost:

The first is the type of biogas. If using a chemical gasifier, some technical aspects may be involved. By having a filter to prevent potential explosions and your system may need protection from stray electric currents or any form of lightning. Also, while installing smaller gasifiers it can be quite expensive, as the idea is to have a continuous supply of organic materials to facilitate production



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It is quite economical and cost effective to use biogas in Kenya. In fact the more Biogas one uses the cheaper it becomes. This has created a great environmental, economic and social impact since this has been introduced.

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