Price Of Bio-digester Nairobi -Kenya

Cost Of Bio-digester In Nairobi Kenya

Are you one of the many individuals looking forward to installing a bio-digester plant in your homes? Congratulations on making such a bold decision. Installing a bio-digester in your home will not only help you save on fuel costs but conserve the environment.
What is A Bio-digester?

Assuming you encounter biodigester for the first time, you are probably wondering what it is and why you’d need to install the same at your home. Typically, a bio-digester refers to a structure or device used to digest organic waste to provide clean energy (burnable gas –methane). The digestion of such organic waste is aided by unique sorts of microbes and bacteria. Biodigester

The amount of burnable gas you can expect from your bio–digester plant depends on the amount/type of the waste and the design/size of your bio-digester plant. Some plants can produce up to 20m3 per ton of degradable debris, while others will yield up to 800m3 per ton. Food leftovers, animal waste, human waste, and all sorts of biodegradable materials can be used in a bio-digester.
Usually, our bio-digesters are closed systems, so you will never have to deal with a foul odor, flies, rodents, or other unwanted nuisance. You should, however, outsource from reliable and recognized Bio-digester installation services Kenya to make sure that your system is 100% safe.
If you go on the market today to look for Bio-digester installation services Kenya, you will come across many companies claiming to be the best. You need to stay warned since not all bio-digester installation companies in Nairobi will offer you the exact services you need.
We understand that the process of finding the best Bio-digester installation services Kenya may be hectic and overwhelming, and that’s why we at Orchid Company want to make your work a bit easier. We supply and install biological septic tanks – these tanks are designed to be incubators for microbes and bacteria. The tanks offer all the conditions necessary for the anaerobic or aerobic decomposition of organic wastes.  We install them just correctly to make sure that no emission comes from such a system.

Our technology has been used for centuries in major developed countries and is getting so popular in Kenya that everybody wants it. Why not you? Our target market includes residential & commercial buildings, schools, hotels, lodges, and camp, among many others.
We are the most experienced and reputable Bio-digester installation services Kenya. Our biogas technicians are committed to proactively work with passion every day towards your wellbeing and Earth’s ecosystems protection.
Our mission is to see you becoming a more productive, cost-efficient, independent, and health farmer. We don’t want biogas to be only for the lucky few for every person, including peasant farmers.
Orchid bio-digester systems are adaptable and scalable as per your needs. We will give you a system that’s a perfect fit for you – whether you have one cow or 100 cows, we will have a design for you.
Our prefabricated, modular kits can be installed on the same day. Simply reach out to us anytime, anywhere you are in Kenya, and be more than happy to transform your life into cleaner energy.

How Does Our Bio-digester Work?

Well, our bio-digester works in aerobic environments that are optimum for microbes and bacteria to decompose degradable organic materials into water, sludge, and burnable gas; methane will feature at least a single chamber that’s airtight to make sure that oxygen won’t enter the system (anaerobic).
The chamber is fed with microbes/bacteria that live in oxygen-free environments. The bacteria work on the degradable materials in the chamber to produce water, sludge, and methane.
The design of the bio-digester system you want in your home determines its efficiency. Depending on your preferred choices, we can instill plastic, concrete, or metal bio-digester for you. Likewise, we can either install your bio-digester system over the ground or underground – the choice is entirely yours.
The amount of time we will need to have your system installed depends on its types as well. Installing concrete bio-digesters will take more time than installing plastic or metal ones.
For bio-digesters to work appropriately, it needs to be installed as per the laid down industry standards (without deviation).
Our installation technicians are intensively trained and will observe all the stipulated standards to the letter.

Why Would You Need To Install A Biodigester?

If you are asking the above question, you are not alone.  It’s not a surprise that most people have no idea what a bio-digester system can do for them. Below are some to install a Biogas system.

  1.   Cost-Friendly Technology

The technology we use to install bio-digester for you is quite affordable, easy to set up, and requires less time. Besides, the system will only cost you the cost of the initial installation – there is no much maintenance needed.

  1.   It’s a Clean Source of Energy

Just like solar or wind power, biogas is a clean, renewable source of energy. It helps us to minimize reliance on fossil fuels (e.g., oil, coal, etc.), which pollutes the environment. Such fossil fuel does not only pollute the environment but also cause climate change. Embrace biogas and help to curb greenhouse gas effects.

  1.   No exhausting 

The modern bio-digester system installed by our reputable bio-digester installation services in Kenya needs no any exhaustion. You will save the amount you’d others incur hiring expensive exhaustion services in Kenya.

  1.   NEMA-approved

Our current bio-digester services have been approved and recommended by the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and NEMA. You thus outsource to us whenever you need commercial, domestic, or institutional digester systems.

  1.   No bad smell

Our bio-digester installation technicians have undergone intensive training to enable them to set up a perfect system for you. The system we give you is 100% airtight – you will never encounter any unpleasant smell from the system.
Your bio-digester system needs to be installed by experienced and intensely trained experts. We at Orchid have all it takes to do a perfect job for you. Don’t outsource to incompetent bio-digester installation services in Kenya (see how to choose the best bio-digester experts.

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